Videos of Training Results

Some of these videos are a little startling as they may consist of dogs with severe aggression. Dogs that have the intent to harm or kill go into a wild animal state of mind. What you may see is an explosion of wild energy from them. No harm or pain comes of the taming process. Once a dog is tamed, then he is a much happier and much safer dog.

Wilson, a dog aggressive dog learning to socialize. Although he has attacked our dog, he did not injure him. He finishes with a great socialization session.

Wilson, formally dog aggressive dog after training with us. See the difference from our first meeting.

Battle of the Boxer.
An unexpected encounter from a dog that had no rules or discipline in the household.
Warning, this video contains a severe aggression problem. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dachshunds on the Edge
These dogs are known for their fearless behavior, however this can get them into trouble. As they are known to fight to the death, sometimes they put themselves in that exact position. Here an owner wishes to get her dogs to walk quietly and calmly on the leash. They pull and bark excessively when approached by other dogs. In just 5 min. of walking them properly, the magic is made. Peace at last!














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