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Even though we offer in-home obedience classes it is not favored as a dependable way to train your dog. A trained dog is one that has been taught to understand the communication between dog and owner. He must understand what is expected of him. Although we do in-home counseling sessions for major behavior problems, dogs must learn through a certain level of distraction so all obedience classes at our facility are done in an outdoor setting to ensure the most natural environment for training. Mild distractions allow you to learn the vital methods of communication so that you know how to handle your dog in real life. However, in the account of rain classes can be moved to a local park to access cover. It is more educational to the dog and owner to train obedience in an environment that is away from their own home. This allows you to have the most success of having a well trained dog.

— Private Lessons & Obedience Classes

— "Total Unleashed" Training Courses

Give your dog the freedom of off leash training!
(All of these classes are private lessons and include a lifetime membership to our group classes.)

Obedience Class Program
No more leash pulling!

4 Week Puppy Kindergarten Class- Includes the commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come" and the "leave it" command. This class is geared to teaching the beginning steps to training your puppy and is positively reinforced and gives you to take the next step to getting a reliable well trained dog. Problem solving includes digging, chewing, jumping up, running away, leash pulling, excessive barking and biting etc. Also, learn how to properly teach your dog the meaning of the word "no!" Proper socialization is very important to training a puppy and this is also one of many other things covered in this course.

6 Week Basic Obedience Class- Includes the commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come," "heel," boundaries and the "leave it" command. This class gives you the opportunity to take your dog to the beginnings of off leash training. Behavior modification is also covered in this class. Teaching you how to react correctly in "bad" situations that trigger your dog’s problem behavior. Basic problem solving is also covered. Give your dog the best in basic training.

8 Week Start to Finish Obed. Class- Includes the commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come," "heel," "drop and sit on recall," "down and sit in motion," "stand," "commands off leash" boundaries and the "leave it" command. If you want a very reliable obedient dog in any situation, then this is the class for you.

Advanced Group Class- This is where you will continue your dog's training and keep his skills polished. It always helps to have a structured program for you and your dog to continue to succeed. Every dog/owner who has attended any of our other training courses are welcome to come to these training sessions. The cost is minimal and the education is pristine. ("Total Unleashed" clients are welcome to attend.)

In-home Counseling- For the more severe behavior problems, we provide in-home counseling services and work with you and your dog in your own home. During these sessions, you will get the information and experience needed to solve your most severe of problems. Most unwanted behaviors are resolved in only one session and very few are in need of additional visits!

"Total Unleashed" Program

E-Collar Training- (Doing it the right way!)
Positive reinforced training combined with a very low level of electric stimulation, like a tap on the shoulder. We encourage that you try out the collar yourself prior to using it on your pet. It is nothing more than a tense unit like they use in Physical Therapy and is milder than a choke chain or pinch collar. Problem solving is a breeze in this course as you will be able to constantly communicate with your dog on or off leash. We use a very specific model of e-collar (electric collar) and do not recommend using those cheap ones from your commercial pet chains. They are too harsh and jump levels too quickly. This is not what we are trying to accomplish here. You do not want to cause fear and confusion when training with an e-collar. What you think you know about training with an e-collar and what we will show you, will astound you!

5 Week Puppy Course- We teach you here how to walk your dog off leash with distractions and keep their attention. Includes the commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come" "place" and the "leave it" command. The heel command is introduced here as well. Puppies must be at least 5 months old to attend this course. This method gives you the quickest most humane way to train your puppy and creates more focus then you thought possible even with distractions.

6 Week Basic Training Course- Get your dog to walk with you off leash with other dogs and people around while keeping their complete attention. Includes the off leash commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come," "heel," "place," "drop on recall," "sit and down in motion," "long stays" boundaries and the "leave it" command. Focus is a big emphasis in this program. You will have a very well focused dog in the end. Behavior modification is also covered in this class. Aggression, fear and anxiety are our specialty. This is basic training at its best!

8 Week Polished Obedience Class- Enjoy your pet! All things off leash! Walk your dog in a group of other dogs without the stress and worry of "what will he do he going to run off?" Squirrels, cats or even little dogs won’t even phase him. Believe it, it is possible. Good things happen when you have a dog that has this much training. This class isn't for the "just want the basics" owners. If you want your dog to be excited to work for you and perform like a pro- then this is where you sign up. Includes the commands "sit," "down," "stay," "come," "heel," "drop and sit on recall," "down and sit in motion," "stand," "boundaries" and the "leave it" command. Intro to: "heel backwards," "walk backwards" "weaving," "jump". If you want to enjoy your pet and have a lot of fun with training, you will love this course. You get what you pay for here!

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